People ask me all the time "how did I start making gluten free bread"  I'm not sure where it really began for me, but I do know that it has been a long journey to get to where we are now, and an even longer journey to get to where I want us to be.  You don't wake up one morning and say, hey I'm going to make gluten free bread, or hey I'm going to work in a commercial bakery, I believe that it is a whole bunch of choices you make, good or bad that gets you to where you are today. My choices may not have always been the right ones, but I'm proud of the product we put out every day.  I'm thank full for the people that were behing me all these years that help me get to were we are, and most of all I'm thank ful for the hard work of the staff at Queen street gluten free, with out them and their dedication to the cause I would be where I am today.  Its because of the hard working staff that I have the freedom to enjoy my time with my wife and my 5 children.

Barry Horn
VP Queen Street Gluten Free
We have been in business now for about 9 years, starting from our little store front bakery in the beaches called Yoshi's Sweets named after my wife Yoshi.  At that time we didn't know much about gluten free untill a friend approached us and started talking about all the problems he has finding gluten free breads that are actually good.  As someone with vision I started on a trek to develop a bread that had substance, that had taste, and one that would not crumble and fall apart.  Its not very often in ones life that you get a wow moment, and mine happend when after months of wasted product and time I opened my oven doors the them most beautiful sight, large light fully gluten free bread, Queen Street Gluten Free was born.

We now operate from our dedicated gluten free facility in East York delivering our fresh gluten free bean breads all over the GTA, noth into Barrie, west to Kitchener London, and East to Kingston.   

Please visit our outlet where you can get our bread fresh and warm Monday to Friday from 9-5, or sit and enjoy one of our breakfast made every morning, or hot lunches.